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Making great looking pictures isn't easy.

FilmLight Limited is a digital cinema technology company started in 2002 by the Scientific and Technical Academy Award-winning former Computer Film Company R&D team.




In 2010, FilmLight's development team were honoured with four AMPAS Sci-Tech Awards spanning every one of our main product lines. In 2012, this major achievement was followed by an Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Primetime Emmy Award that recognised our innovative colour preview and dailies products—Truelight On-Set and Baselight TRANSFER—as significant innovations in TV technology.

We have also been recognised by the UK government with Queen's Awards for Enterprise in 2005, 2006 and 2012.


We want to keep the values that have made our products such a resounding success, so we write stable, highly productive software that runs on the best PC components, and if we need more performance, we develop our own hardware. Where there is a choice to be made we do not compromise—we always engineer for quality and reliability.

We've come a long way since 2002. Our clients are all over the world and range from major film studios and national broadcast television providers, to production and post-production companies both large and small. Being a customer is still very fresh in our memory, so we try to stay personal and accessible and make our business easy to deal with. Based on the feedback from our customers, it works.

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