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Provid-ing world standart boradcast and integration solutions.


Provid offers a complete range of media businesses and holds a vision to become the leading media and broadcasting solutions company in Middle East. Provid had relied on a 20-year-old broadcast solution systems to manage its businesses.

System Integrator 



Software Development

Helping companies throughout the world meet their business needs by building creative solutions around Provid's Decision Management Tools and Applications, and providing consulting, integration, and implementation services around these offerings.


Partnering with Provid offers System Integration partners a wealth of resources aimed at increasing profitability, customer satisfaction, and overall long-term competitive advantage.

Provid-ing the world's leading integrated digital and analog content creation tools and the leading management and distribution solutions so you can create cutting edge platforms to start your business.




Seeking to use process and technology advances to create business value, Provid teamed with world leading companies to provide best solutions in the market.


Provid-ing integrated software development and support teams, including business analysts, software architects, software engineers, data architects, and QA engineers that apply these types of proven and repeatable methodologies. We develop software for broadcast industry.



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